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Different uses of ExoPowerBoxes

A versatile and sustainable way to integrate renewable energy into existing grids or to provide reliable off-grid power in developing countries. By reducing reliance on fossil fuels and diesel generators, these solutions can help improve energy security, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and promote sustainable development.

The ExopowerBox has unlimited areas of application:

​HUMANITARIAN & EMERGENCY AREAS: In areas that are often remote and where the demand for electricity increases rapidly due to environmental disasters or refugee movements, the ExopowerBox can provide quick and uncomplicated help and counteract humanitarian catastrophes.

AGRICULTURE: With the increasing demand for energy in agriculture, the ExopowerBox can be used for indoor farming, biogas plants, and automatic cultivation of agricultural land. The excess electricity production can be fed into the public grid, generating clean electricity and hard cash.

CONSTRUCTION SITES Big construction sites need a lot of electricity, especially in remote regions with increased energy requirements. The ExopowerBox generates sustainable and clean electricity, and after completion, it can be dismantled and used at another location.

EVENTS The ExopowerBox can produce electricity independently, quietly, and cleanly for festivals and major events that require a lot of energy for a short period of time. There are no environmentally harmful emissions and annoying engine noise from generators.

PURSUE Companies benefit from the ExopowerBox by generating cheap mobile electricity, and the excess energy can be fed into the power grid. The mobile and worldwide usability of the ExopowerBox, in addition to the resulting tax opportunities, allows electricity to be fed in where the highest return is achieved.

​ENERGY COMPANIES Mobile and clean power generation offers many opportunities for energy companies to adapt their offers and services even better to the needs of customers. For example, a short-term increase in demand can be covered by producing the electricity directly on site.

​MINING The ExopowerBox is suitable for both manual and digital mining as a lot of energy is required in both cases, which is often not available on site in the required amount. The ExopowerBox can provide the high energy demand from renewable energies.

​ENERGY COMMUNITIES The ExopowerBox offers a mobile and future-proof investment opportunity for energy communities or private individuals who want a clean and own power plant. The possibilities are unlimited just like the ExopowerBox PV container itself.

​E-CHARGING STATIONS As the e-car increasingly replaces the classic combustion engine, the demand for energy also increases. The ExopowerBox can quickly react to these requirements and compensate for peaks in electricity demand.

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