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Powering Progress: Illuminating the Journey of Our Cutting-Edge Solar Container Manufacturing: ALPHA FOLD

Updated: Feb 10

Fresh new from the assembly line in Thailand: Our ExoPower's solar PV containers are progressing in manucaturing. With their geographic advantages, cost-effectiveness, collaborative opportunities, and innovative features, they will in 2024 stand out as the most competitive and sustainable solution available in the market, effectively addressing the evolving needs of the energy market.

And is that we boast unquie competitive skilss and advantages that we are proud of:

Our Corportate Advantages

  1. Geographic Advantage for Solar Components: Situated in Thailand, ExoPower benefits from favorable conditions for importing key solar components, contributing to cost savings and efficient supply chains. The most competitve LCOE in the market.

  2. Technical Capabilities and Specialised Labor: Our unique combination of technical expertise and effective labor makes us unbeatable when offering competitive prices without compromising on quality.

  3. South-South Cooperation Opportunities: We engage in collaborative projects with other developing nations, fostering knowledge exchange and mutually beneficial partnerships.

  4. Integration with ExoFood for Synergies: Being part of ExoFood provides ExoPower with opportunities to explore synergies within the broader food system, potentially leading to innovative solutions that address energy needs in agriculture and food production.

Our Product Advantages

  1. Diesel Generators Obsolescence: We render diesel generators becoming obsolete. We want to rid-off them with no gaps. Our positioning as a company is to be a reliable and feasible sustainable alternative to the existing portable solutions.

  2. Automatic Deployment and Plug-and-Play Solutions: Our ExoPower boxes is a solutions that overcomes the lack of technical capacity in remote locations with a truly automatic deployment and plug-and-play features, making solar energy accessible even in areas with limited technical expertise.

  3. Extended Lifetime of Energy Assets: ExoPower Boxes has therefore the capacity to extend the lifetime of energy assets beyond current standards offers organizations flexibility and cost-effectiveness. With the ability to relocate assets facilitates adaptability and enhances the return on investment.

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