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Our Products

Our list of products are always increasing. We believe that every client is unique and deserves a customized solution. However, some designs might be appropriate for similar conditions, incurring in additional costs savings.

In all circumstances, ExoPowerBox guarantees an uninterrupted power supply. Redundancy is built into the hybrid power generation and design architecture to guarantee ongoing operation in the event of a system failure. The hybrid generation design also considerably lowers the cost of fuel and maintenance, and once installed, the system runs on its own with the capacity for remote monitoring and control.

Solar panels, mounting hardware, batteries, a generator, smart control metering, structure technology, and piping that is pre-wired and pre-configured [to generate power] are all included in the ExoPowerBox, which is shipped as a self-contained shipping container.

  • Simplest Installation ready in half day. After a brief on-site assembly by two persons, ExoPowerBox is quickly installed as a plug-and-play system. 

  • Modularity. No matter if your power needs increase over time, ExoPowerBox is very modular and scalable from a 10 kW (10ft container) to a 130 kW (40ft) solution. To accommodate the requirements of a larger location, you can connect numerous units. 

  • Modes of Operation. To control the comfort in the immediate area, ExoPowerBox can be set up to maximize times of silence during which no generator is used.

By truck, ship, or airplane, an ExoPowerBox can be carried with ease in a conventional container.

Key Features




Leveraging Thailand's

competitive advantages

for affordable components

of solar equipment

and optimized design.

Smart system combining

solar power generation

with built-in energy storage,

at the right scale

for your needs.

Supplemented by

conventional diesel generators

during periods of high power

demand or prolonged

low solar radiation.

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